Berks 40k

Monday, April 4, 2011

Space wolf Fluff for nonspace wolf players

Every space wolf looks different but this does not mean that the packs they belong to have to be differenly armed. At the begining of a Space wolf's second life they are issused with the bread and butter of the space wolf chapter, the bolt pistol and chainsword, once they get to grey hunter rank, they then get a bolt gun which is added to their orginal gear. The grey hunters carry certain speacial weapons because their wolf lord wants them to fulfill a certian battle field role. The wolf lords will have the grey hunters led by a wolf guard that is armed the best way to support the squad. Each great company has it's own saga and will fight according to it's own rules and battle style. Berek thunderfist's great company is known for it's daring orbital strikes on enemy strong points. They prefer to use melta guns and power fists to destroy and make entrance to bunkers and to spill enemies out of their armour transports. They have had many cases of the mark of the wulfen more frequently coming up since the battle of Charys. Every grey hunter squad carries a wolf standard that has the names of their fallen comrades from since they where founded as a pack. Berek split up all of the orginal wulfen from the battle of Charys to put into each grey hunter pack to help with close combat and offer the cursed a chance at redemtion. Other great companies field their warriors differently for different tasks but always as the wolf lord commands and some even have massed amounts of rituals for flamers or for wolfs to be part of their pack