Berks 40k

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2k IG list

Company command 290

· Command Squad

o Lord Castellan Creed

o Colour Segeant Kell

o 2 grenade launchers

o Voxcaster

o Carapace armour

· Advisors

o Astropath

1st platoon 745

· Command Squad

o Commander Chenkov

o Grenade launcher

o Mortar

o Vox-caster

· 1st Squad

o Vox-caster

o Auto cannon

o Plasma gun

· 2nd – 5th Squad

o Auto cannon

o Plasma gun

· 40 Conscripts

o Send in the Next Wave

· Commissar attached to combined infantry squad

2nd platoon 470

· Command Squad

o Captain Al’Rahem

o Heavy flamer

o Banner

o Vox caster

o Flamer

· Chimera

o 2 Heavy flamer

· 1st and 2nd Squad

o Melta gun

o Vox-caster

o missile launcher

· 2 Chimeras

5 Storm Troopers 105

· 2 melta guns

Leman Russ Squadron 380

· 2 Battle tanks

o 2 lascannons

o 2 heavy bolter sponsons