Berks 40k

Sunday, December 19, 2010


What does everyone think???
comments are welcome

(made with a regular drop pod and green stuff)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Secert Project 1

i have been working on a project for some time now picking codexs and assembling models.

But before i finish i was wondering if i am aloud to make my own version of special characters???

But on to space wolves
I fought my biggest enemy in my club games (fluff wise) The Thousand Sons (yuck)

the game was the closest i ever played.
I was running my 1850
he was running
3 defilers
a land raider (dedicated transport for termies)
4 Termies w/ 4 combi plasmas
2 T sons squads
chaos sorcerer

we where with in 10 vp and each had a single objective

Monday, November 29, 2010

1850 list

Rune Priest (living lightning, Jaws) -100
3 Wolf Guard- 129
*3 power fists, 3 combi Meltas
5 Wolf Scouts - 85
*Melta gun
Rifle Man Dreadnought-125
3x 8 man grey hunters-525
*Melta gun, power fist, wolf standard, Mark of the wulfen
6 Long Fangs-140
*5 Missile Launchers
6 Long Fangs-170
*3 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannon
2 Razor backs-80
3 Rhinos-120
*1 Dozer blade, 1 Hunter Killer missile
Land Speeder-70
*Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer
Land Speeder- 60
*Multi Melta

Whats everyone think?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apoc game with my club

Hi everyone
i am participating in an apoc game with my Club (Berks War Gaming Paper)
I have comitted 5000pts without super heavies

I was wondering if some one could help me make a datasheet for sw that is like the sm battle company one

any suggestions???

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

True Scale Wolf Lord

This is a work in progress
he is The wolf Lord of the 13th company named Bulveye the Axe man of Russ
P.S. Sorry about the blurry images

I used the tutorial from Master of the forge

his is alot better looking so check this tutorial out!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Space Wolf Unit choices

Hey everyone...

My life is going down hill again with High School(being a senior this year)

So i have a couple questions for all you space wolf players out there

Which do you prefer for troops Blood Claws or Grey Hunters?

How do you arm your troops and what size squads?

Mounted or Not?

I am working on my 1850 list and came up with a brutal force... I want to hear everyone else oppions before i unvaile it here

Thursday, August 19, 2010


well everyone i have gotten two games in during the last few weeks.

Game 1 Vs. 501th Jokers
Well this game was my second try with a wolf lord riding a thunder wolf.
I forget what the game was... but it was from the battle missions book. One of the imperial Guard missions which means... not kill points but stupid victory points.

Well i lost that game but learned alot like don't fully upgrade my space wolf grey hunter squads. and have 15 or so wolves joined with my wolf lord so he can rip thru more and more tanks.
(Not mine but someone's from Hersey online)

Game 2 Vs. Collin's orks (I think blood axe mercenaries)
This was the most intense game i ever played. He was running an all shooting ork army at 1000pts while i was running small 5 man squads of grey hunters.

I also lost this game... I really need to get out of this losing streak... This was a capture and control game. I managed to hold both objectives till turn 5 and 6 which involved him contesting his own and contesting mine by assault my grey hunters with his last troop squad. That was the most epic battle ever... 1 grey hunter vs 9 orks and the grey hunter almost won the combat but was cut down by one failed save out of 12 he had to pass.

I learned that 5 man squads with out tanks are going to be punished no matter what. and that orks don't like rune priests

Friday, August 6, 2010


Well in my club there is now a new tale of 4 gamers going on for warhammer fantasy battle. I have chosen dwarfs to start and was looking for advice from more experenced players on good units and must have units.

So far I have:
20 Warriors
8 miners
1 Dwarf Lord
10 thunderers
Slayer Lord
and some extra dwarf warriors to be made into long beards

Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Idea for Warhammer 40k

well this weekend I got a kill team mission in which was designed to teach a couple new players age 10-14 the basics of the game. Then I played a grude match which always is a fun game vs. Darryl's Fallen Dark Angels.

The game was a 2500pts game with the mission from the Battle Missions Book. We rolled for mission and got 22 so it was Black Crusade (I think that is what it is called correct me if not)
well that game ended as a win of 8-7 for me
the best thing about this game was that every turn we tied the kill points up.

Well on to the idea we came up with. We came up with a kill team like mission except it would be played with points over 1000 which means a small pts apoc game without supper heavies.
And it would be called Baby Apoc.

P.S. Sorry about no pics i will be getting them up when i get them sent from Steel Thunder Mike and Ray M.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sorry about the lack of posts

Well since life as a high school is in summer vacation... but my parents keep on me and my job doesn't give me much time to work on the hobby but none the less i have been slowly painting my wolf guard when time is allotted

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Imperial Guard Camo part 2

Here is my Command Squad for my newly founded mercenary forces

rules for mercenary forces to follow (friendly multi-player games only)
Feed back is appreciated

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Imperial Guard Camo

This is my first try of camo

what does everyone think

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Space Wolf Battle Styles

I have 4 different battle styles for my wolves

1st: Mech Infantry
2nd: Droppod Assault
3rd: Foot Slogging
4th: Armouered Spear head

Mech Infantry
All Grey Hunters and Long Fangs Mounted in a rhinos and razor backs. And the ocasional Land raider crussader (Blood Claws' Party Wagon) Lead by a rune priest

Droppod Assault
Mostly Grey Hunters and Normaly lead by Logan Grimnar with a pack of Long fangs for first turn fire support.

Foot Slogging
A complet mixture of warriors off which none are mounted lead by a wolf lord

Armoured Spearhead
Predators and Dreadnoughts laying down tons of fire power and is lead by Bjorn the Fell handed.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Number 1

Number 2
I am Looking to start a chaos army but i am not sure what color scheme to use Number 1 or Number 2

Please post which one every one likes better???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Berks Spring Assault: Game 1

Well my first game was against Myke and His deamons

the deployment was spearhead and the mission was Messengers

Each Army had 3 messengers to protect

the messengers could not be mounted in a vechile or join a squad.
The points:
2 pts for getting each mesenger off the field
1 pt for keeping them alive
0 pts for them dieing

Turn 1
I won the roll of and desided to go first to move my messengers as far as possible to the table edge. I Fired my missiles and melta guns that were in range at his messengers killing 1.
Deamonic infestation came down and put down a soul grinder, bloodletters, and plague bearrers. the plague bearrers scartered and were place in the far back table edge where they couldn't do anything but move. the soul grinder fired its phlem at my squad surrounding a messenger and killed both 3 grey hunters and my messenger.
Messengers left 2-2

Turn 2
I move my messengers further across the board. my wolf scouts fire on the soul grinder and remove its phlem. the long fangs split their fire between the soul grinder and the messengers. the missiles rip into his messenger killing it. the grey hunters' razor back fires on the other messenger killing it.
His deamon Prince comes down right next to my Messenger. The other squad of blood letters comes down but scatters and moves right next to the plague bearrers (out of action) the engraged soul grinder attacks my wolf scouts with its harvester but is out of range to charge.
Messengers left: 0-2

Turn 3
I move my rhinos to block the deamon prince from killing my messengers. My grey hunters move forward to block the blood letters that made it over to them from assaulting my messengers. the soul grinder gets shot again but nothing happens to it.
His Bloodthrister Appears and his deamon prince moves around the rhinos. The deamon prince then assaults my one messenger but doesnt kill it outright. The sould grinder charges and destroys my Razor Back
Messengers left: 0-2

Turn 4
I tank shock his Blood thirster and he fails his death or glory roll and dies. the rhino keeps moving untill it gets imbolized on a mine field. the soul Grinder gets shot to pieces and explodes in the temple. my wolf scout and 5 man grey hunter pack move toward the blood letters that had deepstrike mishaped. the deamon prince finishes off the messenger.
He moves his deamon prince towards the last messenger and his blood letters kill my rune priest. the last messenger gets assaulted and wiped out. he is left with a deamon prince and 1 squad of blood letters and plague bearrers.
No Messengers left alive.

Turn 5
I moved my wolf scouts and my 5 man grey hunter squad towards his blood letters.I rapid fire everything i had into the deamon prince and killing it once and for all.
The plague bearrers move closer to my large amount of grey hunter but fail to get within charge range. the Blood Letters charge the wolf scouts killing them all.

We rolled to see if the game contuined and rolled a 2

It was a tie but I beat him with kill points.

P.S. Sorry I have no pics because I am at school with out my camera

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Berks Spring Assault

Well its been a day since the Games ended but I didn't do to bad.
I had 2 Wins, a Loss and a Tie
I won against Blood Angels and Deamon Hunters; lost to Chaos Space marines by a 1/2 inch; and tied to chaos deamons because we killed all of the messengers.

At the end of the day I had 3001 Victory Points

Highlight of the day: Killing a Blood Thirster due to tank shock with a rhino

Monday, April 5, 2010

End of Space marines

well i have decided that i no longer want to play as space marines so i decided to convert all of my space marines in Space wolves.

here are the steps
Step1.) Organize into sqauds
Step2.) Strip Paint off
Step3.) make them more space wolfy
Step4.) Paint and base

Here is what I had for Space marines
6 Tac Squads
2 Devastator Squad
1 Assault Squad on foot
2 Librarians
1 Land Raider
4 dreads
Chapter master and honor guard squad
not sure what else

here is what they are organized into
5 Grey Hunter Packs
3 Long Fang Packs
1 Blood Claw pack
all the tanks are just being repainted
2 rune priests
Wolf Priest
2 Wolf Guard

So what does everyone think???

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1500 pts battle vs. Kroggs Karnage

deployment: spearhead
Objective: seize ground

he won the roll of and deploys his large force of Orks led by Atogg

Turn 1
he moves his shoota boys forward towards one of the objectives. His one squad of grotts are hiding in the woods. his choppa boys move forward towards my men guarding another objective. his storm boys move forward along with his killa khans and deff dread.

My sky claws jump forward to engage the killa khan. My Lone wolf moves forward to stare the deff dread down but when he arrives the deff dread exploded from missile fired from long Fangs. my 2 dreadnoughts move stand on the bridge. My squads of grey hunters move from behind rock formations to engage with bolters and psychic power.

Turn 2
he moves on and his shoota boys make the objective. His Storm boys move and lose 3 of their number to dangerous terrain. they assault my lone wolf after firing everything from the shootas and pistols. My lone wolf goes down with a fight killing one storm boy. the killa khans kill one blood claw while the power fist in the squad tears the khan apart. his grott cannon keeps killing my grey hunters attached to my rune priest

I don't move this turn. My rune priest casts Murderous hurricane and living lightning on his storm boys but only kill 5 of them. My dreads open fire with assault cannons on to the shoota boys. My Long fangs fire frag missiles into the on coming hordes.

Turn 3
He moves his storm boys forward and thanks to murderous hurricane loses all but the nob to dangerous terrain. He brings on another squad of grots to take the objective his shoota boys where holding. the battle between the khans and claws countines with the khans killing another blood claw and the claws stunning one khan.

I open fire with Murderous hurricane on to the choppa boys killing 10. I keep firing frag missiles into that squad and kill 2 more. my dreadnoughts open up on the shoota boys killing 1.
the score of this turn was 2-2

Turn 4
he issues a waaagh moving his shoota boys and choppa boys all of 1 inch while his truck boys move 4 inches to help the khans. the assault with the khans finally finishes with 0 khans and 3 blood claws.

I keep up fire killing several orks and grots.
Still 2-2

Turn 5
he charges his shoota boys into my grey hunters and gets counter charged while my grey hunters kill 15 of his 20 boy mob in the first round of combat. He kill 2 space wolves. the truck boys move and assault the blood claws and lose 6 of their number while killing off the blood claws.

The assault between the shoota boys and grey hunters quickly turns into a slaughter and the nob runs away while i move back onto my objective. the game is called at the end of this turn for time reasons.

sorry no pics but the final models count was

Krogg's Karnage:
13 choppa boys out of 60
50? grotts out of 60
WarLord atogg
0 storm boys out of 20
0 Deff dreads out of 1
0 Killa Khans out of 3

Berek's Great company:
19 grey hunters out of 30
6 long fangs out of 6
2 dreadnoughts
Rune Priest
0 Blood Claws out of 10
0 Lone Wolf out of 1

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sorry about this last week

this week has been rough for me because of my email being down and High School Track starting.

But that didnt stop me from getting a small game against Darryl's Fallen Angels
I completely forget what he was fielding but my list was my first 1000pts List

Well is was standard deployment with annihilation
I won the roll off

Turn 1
Started with My 2 Rhinos going full out and popping smoke. My Long Fangs open fire and destroyed a combat squad. My Razor back Moved forward and shot at one of his Razorbacks but like normal failed to do anything.

He then immobilized my one rhino and couldn't do a thing to my other rhino. His devastators stare my long fangs down with their plasma cannons and a Long range fire fight starts.

Turn 2
My Rhino that wasn't immobilized move forward to get into the enemy lines. The other squad of Grey Hunters get out of their rhino and move towards his scouts w/ sniper rifles and telion. Long Fangs open fire and prove that they are the best devastator squad in the game by killing Half of his ten man squad.

His scouts open fire on my dismounted Grey hunters and kill one. He immobilizes my other rhino and move his squad with 2 power weapons to protect his devastators.

Turn 3
My Grey Hunters dismount and move to the nearest enemy unit and assault them. My Wolf scouts arrive and fire their melta gun into his razorback. My Grey Hunters destroy both his scout squad and the rest of his devastators.

His Commander and a combat squad charge into the one unit of Grey Hunters but they get counter charged and the only man left standing is the commander and 8 Grey Hunters.

Turn 4
I looked at the carnage and see he only had a combat squad 2 razorbacks and a commander left. I have my wolf scouts and Grey Hunter squad fire 3 melta shots into the one razorback which destroys the tank. My long fangs and their razor back fire into the combat squad and kill 3. The battle with his commander was finished shortly and the Grey Hunters moved towards his combat squad.

He moves his last combat squad to try and escape the Grey Hunters and moves his razorback to try to protect the squad.

the game was called after that turn cause I had to leave and the game was over. I learned that rhinos are brutal in 4'x4' tables

Monday, March 15, 2010

New and Improved 1000 point Space Wolf List

Rune priest (Still Unnamed):120

Chooser of the slain

Wolf Tooth Necklace

10 Grey Hunters: 240

Power fist

Mark of the Wlfen

2 Melta Guns

Wolf Standard


10 Grey Hunters: 230

Power Fist

Mark Of the Wolfen

2 Melta Guns


5 Grey Hunters: 175

Power Sword

Mark Of the Wolfen



Twin Linked Lascannon

6 Long Fangs: 140

5 Missile Launchers

5 Wolf Scouts: 85

Melta Gun

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My 1850 Space Wolf List

Wolf Lord Berek Thunder Fist
Power Fist
Wolf Tail Talisman
Wolf Toothe Necklace
Belt of Russ

Rune Priest (Unnamed at the moment)
Chooser of the slain
Wolf tooth Necklace

5 Wolf Scouts
Melta Gun

5 Wolf Guard Termies
Cyclone Missile Launcher
2 Power Fists
Chain Fist
Mounted in a Drop Pod

10 Grey Hunters
2 Melta Guns
Plasma Pistol
Power Fist
Wolf Standard
Mounted in a Rhino

10 Grey Hunters
2 Melta Guns
Plasma Pistol
Power Fist
Wolf Standard
Mounted in a Rhino

10 Grey Hunters
2 Plasma Guns
Plasma Pistol
Power Fist
Wolf Standard
Mounted in a Rhino

10 Grey Hunters
2 Flamers
Plasma PIstol
Power Sword
Wolf Standard
Mounted in a Rhino

6 Long Fangs
5 Missile launchers
Mounted in a Razor back

The Idea here is rhinos go forward and the long fangs are joined by the wolf guard with a Cyclone and they pound any threats.

Any Ideas?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wolf Guard

I asked Mike at to pick up a box of wolf guard for my space wolf army and Jon over at is trading 11 termies for a full platoon of Imperial Guardsmen.
So Far I have 5 termies armed as the following:
Storm Bolter, Power Fist
Storm Bolter, Chain Fist
Storm Bolter Power Fist
Storm Bolter, Power Sword
Storm Bolter, Power Sword, Cyclone Missile Launcher
I plan on buying Logan Grimnar, Njal Storm Caller, A Wolf Priest In Terminator Armour.
I plan to make the wolf Priest out of the extra bitz i have in my bitz box and the wolf cloak from the Wolf Guard BOx set
I will Have a total of 16 Termies after i get them from Jon. How should i arm the other 10?

Friday, March 5, 2010

King of the Hill

In Berks 40k club I am part of the King of the hill Campaign.

My Space Marine Chapter has been doing very well and are on Level 3

I have won two battles to get to this level and need to win to more to get to the top
There are two people who want to play aganist my forces.

Mark with his eldar and Mike Steel thunder with his Orks.

I need sugestions for army list for both of these battles

Mike's Challenge is 2000pts

My List for Mike is as following
5 tac squds (10 man)
chapter master
10 man devastator
Whirl wind
2 Drop pods
2 dreadnoughts

Mark's Challenge is 1500pts
My List for Mark is as following
2 Tac squads mounted in rhinos
Master of the forge
6 Dreadnoughts
drop pod for 1 dreadnought
so what do u think.
Have any suggestions email me at

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tale of Four Gamers

For the Berks 40k club I have decided to run a Tale of 4 Gamers.
the participants are:
Mike Steel Thunder from
Howard Vaux from
Mark who doesn't have a blog currently

here is what everyone is playing as

Myself: Space Wolves (Berek Thunder Fist)
Mike: Space Marines (Strike Force Steel Thunder)
Howard Vaux: Space Marines (Unknown)
Mark: Necrons (also Unknown)
Howard's Space Marine Captian
Berek Thunder Fist
Mark's Necron Lord

Monday, March 1, 2010

1000 pts Space Wolf tournament list

Rune Priest
Chooser of the slain
wolf tooth Necklace

10 Grey Hunters
Power fist
2 Melta Guns
Plasma Pistol
wolf standard

10 Grey Hunters
Power Fist
2 Melta Guns
Plasma Pistol

5 Grey Hunters
Power Sword
Plasma Pistol

6 Long Fangs
5 Missile Launchers
Twin Linked Lascannon

5 Wolf Scouts
Melta gun

Not pictured is Wolf Scouts and Tanks

Sunday, February 28, 2010

About this Blog

Old Njal Storm Caller Model

Berek thunder Fist

I am a high school aged kid with as my mom and dad put it too many warhamer models.
I have played fantasy as Bretonnians
I am playing 40k with Berks 40k club as Space wolves (Berek thunderfist's great company) and Space marines (5th company Lunar Fangs)