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Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Idea for Warhammer 40k

well this weekend I got a kill team mission in which was designed to teach a couple new players age 10-14 the basics of the game. Then I played a grude match which always is a fun game vs. Darryl's Fallen Dark Angels.

The game was a 2500pts game with the mission from the Battle Missions Book. We rolled for mission and got 22 so it was Black Crusade (I think that is what it is called correct me if not)
well that game ended as a win of 8-7 for me
the best thing about this game was that every turn we tied the kill points up.

Well on to the idea we came up with. We came up with a kill team like mission except it would be played with points over 1000 which means a small pts apoc game without supper heavies.
And it would be called Baby Apoc.

P.S. Sorry about no pics i will be getting them up when i get them sent from Steel Thunder Mike and Ray M.

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