Berks 40k

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2k IG list

Company command 290

· Command Squad

o Lord Castellan Creed

o Colour Segeant Kell

o 2 grenade launchers

o Voxcaster

o Carapace armour

· Advisors

o Astropath

1st platoon 745

· Command Squad

o Commander Chenkov

o Grenade launcher

o Mortar

o Vox-caster

· 1st Squad

o Vox-caster

o Auto cannon

o Plasma gun

· 2nd – 5th Squad

o Auto cannon

o Plasma gun

· 40 Conscripts

o Send in the Next Wave

· Commissar attached to combined infantry squad

2nd platoon 470

· Command Squad

o Captain Al’Rahem

o Heavy flamer

o Banner

o Vox caster

o Flamer

· Chimera

o 2 Heavy flamer

· 1st and 2nd Squad

o Melta gun

o Vox-caster

o missile launcher

· 2 Chimeras

5 Storm Troopers 105

· 2 melta guns

Leman Russ Squadron 380

· 2 Battle tanks

o 2 lascannons

o 2 heavy bolter sponsons


  1. Very nice list. Not my cup of tea, but infantry swarms can be fun. You really need to separate the Leman Russ' into two units. This will allow you to shoot at different targets AND will prevent them from dying real quote when they get assaulted or hit by a devastator squad. Look up "wound allocation on squadrons" in the rulebook. It ain't pretty. Don't squadron vehicles unless you need to in order to fit more vehicles.

  2. yea i forgot to split them up while writing it in a word doc

    and outflanking a platoon is fun

  3. Looks like the inquisition tried to censure you. LOL.