Berks 40k

Thursday, August 19, 2010


well everyone i have gotten two games in during the last few weeks.

Game 1 Vs. 501th Jokers
Well this game was my second try with a wolf lord riding a thunder wolf.
I forget what the game was... but it was from the battle missions book. One of the imperial Guard missions which means... not kill points but stupid victory points.

Well i lost that game but learned alot like don't fully upgrade my space wolf grey hunter squads. and have 15 or so wolves joined with my wolf lord so he can rip thru more and more tanks.
(Not mine but someone's from Hersey online)

Game 2 Vs. Collin's orks (I think blood axe mercenaries)
This was the most intense game i ever played. He was running an all shooting ork army at 1000pts while i was running small 5 man squads of grey hunters.

I also lost this game... I really need to get out of this losing streak... This was a capture and control game. I managed to hold both objectives till turn 5 and 6 which involved him contesting his own and contesting mine by assault my grey hunters with his last troop squad. That was the most epic battle ever... 1 grey hunter vs 9 orks and the grey hunter almost won the combat but was cut down by one failed save out of 12 he had to pass.

I learned that 5 man squads with out tanks are going to be punished no matter what. and that orks don't like rune priests

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  1. ....Ah yes....good to see my "Padawan" (Colin) has learned quite a bit in the art of Orky Warmaking from attending Kamp Karnage!

    Next time use your cell phone camera and get some photos up...I love seeing orks kill space puppies!