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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Space Wolf Unit choices

Hey everyone...

My life is going down hill again with High School(being a senior this year)

So i have a couple questions for all you space wolf players out there

Which do you prefer for troops Blood Claws or Grey Hunters?

How do you arm your troops and what size squads?

Mounted or Not?

I am working on my 1850 list and came up with a brutal force... I want to hear everyone else oppions before i unvaile it here


  1. So far I've found Bloodclaws to be semi-useful, but nowhere near as good as Grey Hunters. I use Grey hunters a lot, I go infantry heavy in my list builds, which surprises a lot of people. The benefit to cost between the two isn't enough to justify not using Grey Hunters. The only time I'll use Bloodclaws is for bikes or jetpack assaulters (unless I can afford to upgrade a bunch of Wolf Guard to have JPs).

    I tend to use 8-9 GHs per pack, that way I can put them in transports, as well as attach HQ ICs to them. If I have more troops than HQs I'll up to 10 per 'extra' unit. Standard loadout, with either a melta or plasma gun, occasionally a power weapon. And MotW is just TO good to not take for the points. GHs having bolter, bolt pistol, and CC weapon +frag/crack is just tooooo handy.

    Now that I'm finally getting enough transports I'm going to rhino all my GH packs. Rhinos are just to good for the points, they make great walls, they can block, plus tank shock. 35 points of win.

  2. I'm not a Space Wolf player myself but I play against them regularly and as a generic troop choice I can't think of many better than a Grey Hunter. I've seen them fielded effectively both in MSU style lists (5 man squads mounted in Razrobacks) and in larger 10-man squads with all the trimmings mounted in a Rhino.

    The counter attack special rule allows you to sit in midfield with your Grey Hunters getting the maximum effect out of your Razorback and waiting for the enemy to come to you. You can unload your bolters with impunity and getting the maximum effect out of them while letting the enemy charge you knowing that you are likely to strike back as if you were charing anyway.

    Blood Claws are not bad but the best way that I've seen them being used is pretty much over-kill; 15 in a Land Raider Crusader with a Wolf Priest. This is a very scary unit but is really a little over the top and expensive. I'd stick with Grey Hunters, any way you run them they are good value for points and effective combatants.