Berks 40k

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Berks Spring Assault

Well its been a day since the Games ended but I didn't do to bad.
I had 2 Wins, a Loss and a Tie
I won against Blood Angels and Deamon Hunters; lost to Chaos Space marines by a 1/2 inch; and tied to chaos deamons because we killed all of the messengers.

At the end of the day I had 3001 Victory Points

Highlight of the day: Killing a Blood Thirster due to tank shock with a rhino


  1. Congrats I am glad to hear you had fun killing that blood Thirster (was that one Myke's?)

  2. Oh bah, it was cause I was an idiot and forgot Monsterous Creature rolling :P(yes i'm bitching here, lol).

  3. Fog of War......

    Remember, write down any mistakes or situations you faced. Than, take time to look up those exact scenerios in rulebooks and learn for next time.

    That's how I have approached each tournament, and each time I keep placing better.