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Monday, April 5, 2010

End of Space marines

well i have decided that i no longer want to play as space marines so i decided to convert all of my space marines in Space wolves.

here are the steps
Step1.) Organize into sqauds
Step2.) Strip Paint off
Step3.) make them more space wolfy
Step4.) Paint and base

Here is what I had for Space marines
6 Tac Squads
2 Devastator Squad
1 Assault Squad on foot
2 Librarians
1 Land Raider
4 dreads
Chapter master and honor guard squad
not sure what else

here is what they are organized into
5 Grey Hunter Packs
3 Long Fang Packs
1 Blood Claw pack
all the tanks are just being repainted
2 rune priests
Wolf Priest
2 Wolf Guard

So what does everyone think???

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  1. So what does everyone think???
    More for the Wolftime!
    Absorbing your stock Marines into a larger Wolf force does make sense. It gives you more flexibility of force. After all, a Marine is a Marine. Plus you can always run "Gray" Ultramarines when you need a break.

    I think your breakdown is probably the best way to port those models over to Wolves.