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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Berks Spring Assault: Game 1

Well my first game was against Myke and His deamons

the deployment was spearhead and the mission was Messengers

Each Army had 3 messengers to protect

the messengers could not be mounted in a vechile or join a squad.
The points:
2 pts for getting each mesenger off the field
1 pt for keeping them alive
0 pts for them dieing

Turn 1
I won the roll of and desided to go first to move my messengers as far as possible to the table edge. I Fired my missiles and melta guns that were in range at his messengers killing 1.
Deamonic infestation came down and put down a soul grinder, bloodletters, and plague bearrers. the plague bearrers scartered and were place in the far back table edge where they couldn't do anything but move. the soul grinder fired its phlem at my squad surrounding a messenger and killed both 3 grey hunters and my messenger.
Messengers left 2-2

Turn 2
I move my messengers further across the board. my wolf scouts fire on the soul grinder and remove its phlem. the long fangs split their fire between the soul grinder and the messengers. the missiles rip into his messenger killing it. the grey hunters' razor back fires on the other messenger killing it.
His deamon Prince comes down right next to my Messenger. The other squad of blood letters comes down but scatters and moves right next to the plague bearrers (out of action) the engraged soul grinder attacks my wolf scouts with its harvester but is out of range to charge.
Messengers left: 0-2

Turn 3
I move my rhinos to block the deamon prince from killing my messengers. My grey hunters move forward to block the blood letters that made it over to them from assaulting my messengers. the soul grinder gets shot again but nothing happens to it.
His Bloodthrister Appears and his deamon prince moves around the rhinos. The deamon prince then assaults my one messenger but doesnt kill it outright. The sould grinder charges and destroys my Razor Back
Messengers left: 0-2

Turn 4
I tank shock his Blood thirster and he fails his death or glory roll and dies. the rhino keeps moving untill it gets imbolized on a mine field. the soul Grinder gets shot to pieces and explodes in the temple. my wolf scout and 5 man grey hunter pack move toward the blood letters that had deepstrike mishaped. the deamon prince finishes off the messenger.
He moves his deamon prince towards the last messenger and his blood letters kill my rune priest. the last messenger gets assaulted and wiped out. he is left with a deamon prince and 1 squad of blood letters and plague bearrers.
No Messengers left alive.

Turn 5
I moved my wolf scouts and my 5 man grey hunter squad towards his blood letters.I rapid fire everything i had into the deamon prince and killing it once and for all.
The plague bearrers move closer to my large amount of grey hunter but fail to get within charge range. the Blood Letters charge the wolf scouts killing them all.

We rolled to see if the game contuined and rolled a 2

It was a tie but I beat him with kill points.

P.S. Sorry I have no pics because I am at school with out my camera

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