Berks 40k

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1500 pts battle vs. Kroggs Karnage

deployment: spearhead
Objective: seize ground

he won the roll of and deploys his large force of Orks led by Atogg

Turn 1
he moves his shoota boys forward towards one of the objectives. His one squad of grotts are hiding in the woods. his choppa boys move forward towards my men guarding another objective. his storm boys move forward along with his killa khans and deff dread.

My sky claws jump forward to engage the killa khan. My Lone wolf moves forward to stare the deff dread down but when he arrives the deff dread exploded from missile fired from long Fangs. my 2 dreadnoughts move stand on the bridge. My squads of grey hunters move from behind rock formations to engage with bolters and psychic power.

Turn 2
he moves on and his shoota boys make the objective. His Storm boys move and lose 3 of their number to dangerous terrain. they assault my lone wolf after firing everything from the shootas and pistols. My lone wolf goes down with a fight killing one storm boy. the killa khans kill one blood claw while the power fist in the squad tears the khan apart. his grott cannon keeps killing my grey hunters attached to my rune priest

I don't move this turn. My rune priest casts Murderous hurricane and living lightning on his storm boys but only kill 5 of them. My dreads open fire with assault cannons on to the shoota boys. My Long fangs fire frag missiles into the on coming hordes.

Turn 3
He moves his storm boys forward and thanks to murderous hurricane loses all but the nob to dangerous terrain. He brings on another squad of grots to take the objective his shoota boys where holding. the battle between the khans and claws countines with the khans killing another blood claw and the claws stunning one khan.

I open fire with Murderous hurricane on to the choppa boys killing 10. I keep firing frag missiles into that squad and kill 2 more. my dreadnoughts open up on the shoota boys killing 1.
the score of this turn was 2-2

Turn 4
he issues a waaagh moving his shoota boys and choppa boys all of 1 inch while his truck boys move 4 inches to help the khans. the assault with the khans finally finishes with 0 khans and 3 blood claws.

I keep up fire killing several orks and grots.
Still 2-2

Turn 5
he charges his shoota boys into my grey hunters and gets counter charged while my grey hunters kill 15 of his 20 boy mob in the first round of combat. He kill 2 space wolves. the truck boys move and assault the blood claws and lose 6 of their number while killing off the blood claws.

The assault between the shoota boys and grey hunters quickly turns into a slaughter and the nob runs away while i move back onto my objective. the game is called at the end of this turn for time reasons.

sorry no pics but the final models count was

Krogg's Karnage:
13 choppa boys out of 60
50? grotts out of 60
WarLord atogg
0 storm boys out of 20
0 Deff dreads out of 1
0 Killa Khans out of 3

Berek's Great company:
19 grey hunters out of 30
6 long fangs out of 6
2 dreadnoughts
Rune Priest
0 Blood Claws out of 10
0 Lone Wolf out of 1


  1. thanks to murderous hurricane loses all but the nob to dangerous terrain
    Heh. I lol'd at this. Excellent use of the power!

    Looks like you really worked those poor Orks over and played an excellent game. What was the final score for objectives?

  2. two objectives each but we were both close to contesting each others objective... my wolves pwned his orks in cc

  3. One more turn would have seen slugga boyz storming into his much beleagured unit holding one objective. I think the rear objective was rather secured by both parties.

    well fought game by Alex. His Bpace Wolves didn't lose (but didn't win). An honorable match, but also not my "typical" set up for a battle either.

    The Wolves did their chapter proud holding up to my hordes. I look forward to a rematch sometime.

  4. And you will get it cause my wolves are looking for more meat for their fires