Berks 40k

Monday, May 10, 2010


Number 1

Number 2
I am Looking to start a chaos army but i am not sure what color scheme to use Number 1 or Number 2

Please post which one every one likes better???


  1. I think the real question here is do you prefer Khorne or Slaanesh?

  2. well the second one is The Red Corsairs Colors and the other one is a slaaneshy version of it

    @Palinmoonstride: And BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

  3. Purple if you go slaanesh
    Red if you go Khonre
    I like the purple my self
    but then again i am the one that suggested it

  4. door number 2, please

  5. I personally prefer number 1 but with you being a fan of Khorne I have to say go with the red scheme. I myself am doing a variant of a Red Corsair colour scheme for my second Chaos Army.

  6. If you want to try and incorporate both Slaanesh and Khorne into the same army and same colour scheme then you can try an analogous color scheme. This means using three adjacent primary, secondary, or tertiary colors on the color wheel. These schemes can be warm or cool. Each can be neutralized by use of its complement, and black and white can be used. Analogous colors "harmonize" well and produce a definite mood to a composition. For colours I suggest using Red, Blue and Purple. The reason for the blue is that if you mix it with red then you get purple. This means you could do a blending paint scheme on some models as well.

  7. With the new BA and the general following khorne has, it seems there are a lot of red marines out there. I personally would go with number one, I feel its a bit more vivid and unique. I'm currently working on a royal blue scheme I have yet to perfect.

  8. I am starting to lean towards slaanesh and tzeench