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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Space Wolf Battle Styles

I have 4 different battle styles for my wolves

1st: Mech Infantry
2nd: Droppod Assault
3rd: Foot Slogging
4th: Armouered Spear head

Mech Infantry
All Grey Hunters and Long Fangs Mounted in a rhinos and razor backs. And the ocasional Land raider crussader (Blood Claws' Party Wagon) Lead by a rune priest

Droppod Assault
Mostly Grey Hunters and Normaly lead by Logan Grimnar with a pack of Long fangs for first turn fire support.

Foot Slogging
A complet mixture of warriors off which none are mounted lead by a wolf lord

Armoured Spearhead
Predators and Dreadnoughts laying down tons of fire power and is lead by Bjorn the Fell handed.

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