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Friday, March 5, 2010

King of the Hill

In Berks 40k club I am part of the King of the hill Campaign.

My Space Marine Chapter has been doing very well and are on Level 3

I have won two battles to get to this level and need to win to more to get to the top
There are two people who want to play aganist my forces.

Mark with his eldar and Mike Steel thunder with his Orks.

I need sugestions for army list for both of these battles

Mike's Challenge is 2000pts

My List for Mike is as following
5 tac squds (10 man)
chapter master
10 man devastator
Whirl wind
2 Drop pods
2 dreadnoughts

Mark's Challenge is 1500pts
My List for Mark is as following
2 Tac squads mounted in rhinos
Master of the forge
6 Dreadnoughts
drop pod for 1 dreadnought
so what do u think.
Have any suggestions email me at

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