Berks 40k

Monday, March 15, 2010

New and Improved 1000 point Space Wolf List

Rune priest (Still Unnamed):120

Chooser of the slain

Wolf Tooth Necklace

10 Grey Hunters: 240

Power fist

Mark of the Wlfen

2 Melta Guns

Wolf Standard


10 Grey Hunters: 230

Power Fist

Mark Of the Wolfen

2 Melta Guns


5 Grey Hunters: 175

Power Sword

Mark Of the Wolfen



Twin Linked Lascannon

6 Long Fangs: 140

5 Missile Launchers

5 Wolf Scouts: 85

Melta Gun

1 comment:

  1. Mmm... much smoother and focused. I don't see anything that screams for cleaning, but do have a few thoughts that kinda pertain to the list:
    1. Don't forget that a Wolf Standard will allow you to re-roll a "1" on the Mark of the Wulfen attacks too. :-)
    2. The 5-man GHunter squad should total out to 180.
    3. The Rune Priest is WS5 and should hit anything on a 4+ anyways. I'd rather put the points on a Wolf Standard. It's only one turn, but will give you almost the same effect or better on the Priest and better effect on the squad.