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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wolf Guard

I asked Mike at to pick up a box of wolf guard for my space wolf army and Jon over at is trading 11 termies for a full platoon of Imperial Guardsmen.
So Far I have 5 termies armed as the following:
Storm Bolter, Power Fist
Storm Bolter, Chain Fist
Storm Bolter Power Fist
Storm Bolter, Power Sword
Storm Bolter, Power Sword, Cyclone Missile Launcher
I plan on buying Logan Grimnar, Njal Storm Caller, A Wolf Priest In Terminator Armour.
I plan to make the wolf Priest out of the extra bitz i have in my bitz box and the wolf cloak from the Wolf Guard BOx set
I will Have a total of 16 Termies after i get them from Jon. How should i arm the other 10?


  1. How should i arm the other 10?
    With magnets so you can swap things around?

    But if you're looking at fixed item builds, I'd probably invest mainly in P-Sword/S-Bolter as it is the stock build. Then maybe a couple P-Sword/C-Melta for anti-tank drops, a single Frost Axe for flavour, a couple more CMLs for ranged punch, and a couple C-Fists for anti-tank. Set them up to match in teams of 5 and you'll probably be well served when the squad goes above that number.

  2. Pretty good advice from Dverning. Magnets are best! I would definately add in some storm shields for th 3++ save. That is invaluable when you get the odd plasma or lascannon shot into your squad, and they help mitigate the power weapon/fist attacks that will be coming at you from CC.

  3. Don't forget an Assault Cannon or two. Great for thinning the crowds and it does wonders to crack open the light armor.

  4. Are you names after Wolf Lord Berek of the Fist of Russ?

    I've nearly finished Sons of Fenris by Lee Lightner, the first Space wolf Novel I have read.

    Welcome to my Blog.