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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sorry about this last week

this week has been rough for me because of my email being down and High School Track starting.

But that didnt stop me from getting a small game against Darryl's Fallen Angels
I completely forget what he was fielding but my list was my first 1000pts List

Well is was standard deployment with annihilation
I won the roll off

Turn 1
Started with My 2 Rhinos going full out and popping smoke. My Long Fangs open fire and destroyed a combat squad. My Razor back Moved forward and shot at one of his Razorbacks but like normal failed to do anything.

He then immobilized my one rhino and couldn't do a thing to my other rhino. His devastators stare my long fangs down with their plasma cannons and a Long range fire fight starts.

Turn 2
My Rhino that wasn't immobilized move forward to get into the enemy lines. The other squad of Grey Hunters get out of their rhino and move towards his scouts w/ sniper rifles and telion. Long Fangs open fire and prove that they are the best devastator squad in the game by killing Half of his ten man squad.

His scouts open fire on my dismounted Grey hunters and kill one. He immobilizes my other rhino and move his squad with 2 power weapons to protect his devastators.

Turn 3
My Grey Hunters dismount and move to the nearest enemy unit and assault them. My Wolf scouts arrive and fire their melta gun into his razorback. My Grey Hunters destroy both his scout squad and the rest of his devastators.

His Commander and a combat squad charge into the one unit of Grey Hunters but they get counter charged and the only man left standing is the commander and 8 Grey Hunters.

Turn 4
I looked at the carnage and see he only had a combat squad 2 razorbacks and a commander left. I have my wolf scouts and Grey Hunter squad fire 3 melta shots into the one razorback which destroys the tank. My long fangs and their razor back fire into the combat squad and kill 3. The battle with his commander was finished shortly and the Grey Hunters moved towards his combat squad.

He moves his last combat squad to try and escape the Grey Hunters and moves his razorback to try to protect the squad.

the game was called after that turn cause I had to leave and the game was over. I learned that rhinos are brutal in 4'x4' tables

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