Berks 40k

Saturday, May 14, 2011


well i just got back from Berks spring assault which is a tournament run by my club at 1000pts...
(more on army lists later)

I went with my space wolves did an ok job... made mistakes and i am working on learning them.,.

I played against 4 different armies from different gaming clubs
round 1: Tau from Brave New Worlds
round 2: Space Skaven (eldar) from The Gaming Garage
round 3: Chaos Space marines (khorne theme) from Berks Gaming Club
round 4: Halfing Guard army (colonial theme) from The Adventurer's guild

My Record was 2 wins a tie and a loss...

More on that later.... Hopefully (batreps to follow soon)

and the best part of Gaming this weekend was that today (may 15th) is my 18th birthday!!!

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