Berks 40k

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Round 4 of Berks Spring Assault 2

(no pics camera died)

Mission 4: Wind of Chaos
*Objectives: roll D6 at the end of turn 5 to find out the mission
*1-3 Annihilation (same as 2nd game) 4-6 Table Quarters
*Pitched Battle Deployment

My List
*Rune Priest- Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf, Chooser of the Slain
*Lone Wolf- Power fist, Storm sheild
*3 Wolf Guard- 2 Power fists, 2 Combi Meltas, Power weapon
*2 Packs of 8 Grey Hunters- Mark of the Wulfen, wolf standard, melta gun
*9 Blood Claws- Power weapon, melta gun
*6 Long Fangs- 5 Missile Launchers
*3 Rhinos

My Opponents list: (Halfing Guard rebellion) 1st Colonial Expedition
*Command Squad-Missile Launcher, power weapon, Master of Ordance, Vox Caster Sniper rifle
*3 Ratlings
*5 Storm Troopers
*Veteran Squad- Gunnery Sgt Harker, Demolitions, 3 grenade launchers voxcaster
*Veteran Squad- Missile Launcher, sentries, 2 Sniper rifles, voxcaster
*Veteran Squad- Missile Launcher, sentries, 2 Sniper rifles, voxcaster
*Ordnance Battery- 2 Griffons
*Ordnance Battery- Medusa

Turn 1
I get first turn and move my rhinos forward. My lone wolf moves towards his storm troopers and griffons. My long fangs shoot up the griffons destroying one and immobilized the other.... He opens fire and immobilize my on rhino (blood claw one) and shakes the other one...
Turn 2
my shaken rhino moves forward to see if it can draw fire away from the rest of my forces. My lone wolf moves closer to the storm troopers... he opens fire and destroys the farthest rhino and its squad...
Turn 3
My lone wolf charges the storm troopers and kills them all with out taking a wound. my long fangs shoot frag missiles into the buildings to try to kill vets.... the storm troopers die and he shoots up my long fangs causing them to take a wound...
Turn 4 (last turn)
My Lone wolf destroys the other griffon... and my long fangs lose 2 others from shooting Down to 2 men...

we rolled for table quarters
Game was a dead tie....

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