Berks 40k

Monday, May 2, 2011


i have been trying to decide what or which direction i want to go with my space wolves
1: Mech Wolves
2: Drop Pod Wolves
3: Foot Wolves


  1. I started with a foot list but now am swinging towards a drop pod. Main reason being is most people dont know how to deal with a threat on turn 1 before they have had a chance to plan or organise the army. They deploy in a way to counter what you have, but instead you appear almost garanteed exactly where you need to be in their lines and if its 2 or 3 drop pods on turn 1 they cant bring enough to bear to counter it all. Even defensively its a good way to deploy as you can can use the drop pods to contest objectives while your units do their thing and you can react to the different elements of your oppos army by droping a unit in front of each thats best to take it out. its how marines should always have been played and i find it a much more fun way to play my army

  2. Met you at spring assault. In 5 th foot lists are hard. I play drop pod vulkan marines. I am still working on fine tunning my list and tatctics what i have found is that your intial punch from the assult stuns your oppenent but a clever oppenent sets u up for the counter punch which cripples your army . I have counetr this with a vindi and razorback in reserve but turns 4-6 have lost me games. My vote is always for mech because no matter the edtion a mounted marine or meq list is always fun, competive and viable.