Berks 40k

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Round 2 of Berks Spring Assault 2

I did not get pics of this game because I was too busy removing models the entire game

Mission 2: Longest Night
*Modified Annihilation (Victory Points Based)
*Pitched Battle Deployment
*Night Fight rules in effect for entire battle
*Units Completely wiped out count as Double their Victory Points

My List
*Rune Priest- Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf, Chooser of the Slain
*Lone Wolf- Power fist, Storm sheild
*3 Wolf Guard- 2 Power fists, 2 Combi Meltas, Power weapon
*2 Packs of 8 Grey Hunters- Mark of the Wulfen, wolf standard, melta gun
*9 Blood Claws- Power weapon, melta gun
*6 Long Fangs- 5 Missile Launchers
*3 Rhinos

My Opponent's list (Space Skaven using Eldar Codex run by Tony Spino)
*5 Pathfinder Rangers
*10 Guardians: Star cannon
*10 Guardians: Star cannon
*20 Storm Guardians: Farseer, Enhance, Singing Spear, flamer, fusion gun
*Vyper Squadron: 2 Bright lances
*3 D-Cannon Support weapons

I got first turn and moved my rhinos forward and poped smoke... my long fangs rolled to see any thing and failed both of their rolls... he moved forward and fired his D-cannons which now scare me big time.... My one grey hunter rhino moved forward but did not deploy in rapid range (I forgot to jump out stupid rushing) my blood claws rhino was stunned so could not move... my rune priest (Jaws) and Long Fangs opened up on his Avatar making it take a wound... His avatar and a Guardian Squad moved forward to attack my other rhino.... the D-cannons targeted my Long Fangs and killed the pack leader... My Grey Hunter's Rhino (the ones that i forgot to jump out) was destroyed and the grey hunters where assaulted and lost 2 to shooting of a star cannon and 4 others to shuriken... the 3 grey Hunters and a Lone wolf where then charged where the Lone Wolf was killed (Damn Victory Points) and the grey hunters killed 3 in return... while losing one more of them... my blood claws jumped out of their rhino and got the charge on guardians so the odds where a little more in my favor... the Grey Hunters finaly died and the blood claws killed 3 more guardians... the Avatar took another wound form shooting... the D-Cannons killed 4 of the Long Fangs forcing them to run. the avatar charge the rune priest and his grey hunter pack killing all put the wolf guard and the rune priest... the next turns was pretty much me getting slaugtered with my squads dieing in close combat and my Long Fang getting nuked by 20 guardians... My Only thing left was a rhino that enjoied running away untill the game ended....

Victory points
Me: 77
Him: 1965
Masacre for him

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