Berks 40k

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Round 1 of Berks Spring Assault 2

Mission 1: First Blood
*Modified Seize Ground and Head-Hunter
*Dawn of war deployment
*3 Objectives worth 500points each if controlled, worth 250 if contested
*250 points if you kill the enemy commander
*250 points if your commander surives

My List
*Rune Priest- Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf, Chooser of the Slain
*Lone Wolf- Power fist, Storm sheild
*3 Wolf Guard- 2 Power fists, 2 Combi Meltas, Power weapon
*2 Packs of 8 Grey Hunters- Mark of the Wulfen, wolf standard, melta gun
*9 Blood Claws- Power weapon, melta gun
*6 Long Fangs- 5 Missile Launchers
*3 Rhinos

My Opponents List (Tau run by Andy Miller)
*Shas'el Commander- Missile Pods, Plasma rifle, Multi- tracker
*3 Crisis Suits- Missile Pods, Plasma rifles, Multi- trackers
*3 Crisis Suits- Missile Pods, Plasma rifles, Multi- trackers
*2 squads of 6 Fire Warriors
*6 Pathfinders- Devil Fish with disruption pods and smart missiles
*Hammerhead- Railgun, 2 burst cannons, disruption pods
*Broadside battle suit- Shield Drone

The game started out with me getting first turn and pushing all my rhinos forward and poping smoke while my Lone Wolf and Long Fangs ran forward to get into positions, He moved his army on to the field in almost the same way... 2 of My Rhinos moved forward to the center of the table. My Long Fangs shot their Rockets into one of the crisis teams forcing them to run of the table. He moved everything on closer and ranged in to shoot... his fire warriors open on my Lone Wolf doing no damage as his shield absorbed the blow. He destroys all of my rhinos with massed shooting....

we get to turn 6 and finish the game before time is called and he is 2 inches out of contesting range of the middle objective....

I win this game with 1250vps to 750vps....

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